By any other name

Mindfulness practice can at first seem like an esoteric pursuit. In truth, mindfulness involves little mysticism and has direct tie-ins with the real world.

Relativity of Wealth

Albert EinsteinI am absolutely convinced that no wealth in the world can help humanity forward, even in the hands of the most devoted worker. The example of great and pure individuals is the only thing that can lead us to noble thoughts and deeds.

Spray oil: truth and slick marketing

I'll admit that I was once a fan of using spray oil. They are pretty convenient for evenly covering a surface with a very thin layer of oil.

The Complete Idiot's Guide

While I'm on the topic of guide type books, I came across another book which I couldn't resist buying.

Idiot's Guides For Dummies

I admit that I never really buy those "Complete Idiot's Guides" or the "Dummies" books.

Smartwool roundup

This winter, I finally took the plunge and tried out some wool winter gear. Ok, I didn't really try it out myself. I actually bought stuff for Gen to use her as the guineau pig before getting something myself. After reading about the benefits of wool (environmentally sustainable material, moisture wicking, warmth even when wet, temperature regulation, natural odor control, etc.) and hearing good things about Smartwool, I finally gave into my consumer curiosity and bought something.

S'not Your Average Review: Nose Bidets and Neti Pots

With coverage by the New York Times and Oprah, neti pots have had a surge in popularity recently. I find this both encouraging and strange at the same time. I was pretty reluctant to try the neti pot (or "nose bidet" as dubbed by Oprah) when introduced to it by my then girlfriend and now fiancée Gen.

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