1.5 minutes to nausea

Over the past month or so, I've managed to pick up some new workout toys. They're nothing fancy, but they sure are effective. What did I get? A stopwatch and a round/interval timer. I've been keeping track of my rest/work periods during my workouts to do a little energy system training during my strength training. I though I'd go a little conservative with 1.5 minutes of rest between sets of pull ups and dips. Oof. That was tougher than I expected. By the time the 4th set rolls around, I'm not feeling so great. Fortunately, I'm pretty good about not actually working out hard enough to hurl, but boy do I feel queasy by the end of the workout.

As an added bonus to training my anaerobic capacity, timing my rest periods has made my workouts significantly shorter. That's a decidedly good thing since I only have access to a gym which closes at 6:45-7:00ish (damn summer schedule, there's one downside to going to a college gym). We may only roll into the gym a little before 6. That doesn't leave a whole lot of time for an extended workout. So, it's a quick 20 minutes of cardio, and a timed 15 minute strength workout. Even with just 30 or so minutes for my complete workout, I feel like I've had a good session and my muscles certainly feel mildly sore/tired the next day.