February wrap up

February wasn't my best month for keeping my training goals. But that's ok. It was a short month, and I was in NY for 4 days. Traveling tends to screw with my daily routine, and it takes me a day or two to get back into my groove.

I didn't practice my handstands nearly enough, though I did make an important discovery. Since I've been training on the parallelettes, I've been gripping the bars so that the bars rest on the base of my palm. I adjusted my grip a little bit so that the weight was resting closer to the center of my palm, and all of a sudden the balancing got easier. The adjusted grip was closer to where I would bear weight if my hands were just on the ground. That little change gave me some more wriggle room at the wrists for balance adjustment. That was a smack the head discovery moment.

I have been pretty good about doing my solo I-Liq Chuan practice. I haven't made my daily minimum every day, but I've done it almost every day. I'm starting to feel a little more coordinated with my butterfly form, and after the workshop, spiral force started making more conceptual sense to me. Of course, I have to now deconstruct the form yet again to try to incorporate my refined understanding. It's a rewarding process to feel that improvements are happening, but at the same it's also frustrating to realize that I've spent a lot of time practicing without certain pieces of understanding. Oh well. I guess that's just part of the training process. If it were easy, I'd already be grand-ultimate-sigong master.