The holidays and winding down the year

Well, it's already December, and I'm still just a bit short of my training goals for the year. I can't hold a dragon flag for much more than 9 seconds, which quite a bit away from my goal of 20 seconds. That's directly correlated with my inability to hold a full front lever. I probably won't be upping my static hold times by the end of the year, so those goals are going to have to carry over. My handstand goal I'm going to say is completed since I can actually hold a handstand for a few seconds, even if I can only do it somewhat inconsistently. Next year I'm going to have to up my handstand time to a solid 10s. I'm also going to call my goal of "progressing to a planche" complete since I can hold an advanced tucked planche on the parallelettes.

I'm actually looking forward to a new year of training goals. My next new goal will be an iron cross on the rings. That's probably going to be a little tough. I'll have to limit my goals next year to: 1. iron cross, 2. more planche progress, 3. 10s handstand, 4. 20s dragon flag, 10s front lever. I may add a double bodyweight dip/pullup, but that'll be an intermediate goal on the way to my other goals. I'll have to re-evaluate closer to January and determine what's feasible.

I've already posted my December Google Doc training log. I'm rather pleased that I managed to keep up my log through the Thanksgiving holiday. I'm guessing I'll be able to keep it going through the end of the year without a problem. I actually like logging my training, so I'm going to try keeping it up next year, too.