Idiot's Guides For Dummies

I admit that I never really buy those "Complete Idiot's Guides" or the "Dummies" books. Whenever I'm delving into esoterica or complex subject, I usually just try to find a book well regarded by people in the field. The simplified subject matter presentation in these newbie guides is often thin on real information, offers incomplete information, and is quite frankly insulting to my intelligence.

However, the "Idiot's Guides for Dummies" breaks this archetypical mold of the Dummies books. Since it's not really trying to cover a complex subject, the simplistic writing approach is surprisingly effective in explaining "Complete Idiot's Guides." The svelte 10 pages (half of which are a handy table of contents, prologue, and index) pack a ton of information on Idiot's Guides. The table of contents explains it all:

Table of Contents:

  1. How to use this book, dummy.
  2. What are Idiot's Guides?
  3. Why Idiot's Guides: Are you an idiot?.
  4. How to use Idiot's Guides: Give us your money and read.

Unfortunately, the book is pretty hard to come by. You may have to search around to find a copy, and perhaps even scour ebay for a used copy. I am pretty attached to this book, but I'll grudgingly sell it for $25 for someone having a hard time tracking down their own copy.