March[ing] Forward

February has come and gone, and my 30 day (or more accurately, 28 day) challenges were mostly met. I'll give myself a break because I was traveling for 4 of the days. My I-Liq Chuan practice habits have definitely gotten better because of the month long challenge. I wasn't particularly good about keeping up my handstand practice, though I did discover something about my hand positioning which should improve my future practice. And I didn't do my daily anatomy studies. But I made good progress overall despite the missed days.

So, on to my next set of goals. I'm going to tone down my goals for this month since I set too many last month (even though they were in different spheres of my life). This month my fitness goal is to get 10 straight muscle ups and 25+ total muscle ups. My personal goal is to get back in the habit of going to bed at a sane time. I'm going to shoot for winding down my evening by 10:30-11:00 p.m. It might be tough, but I think it's definitely something I should be shooting for so I can start getting up earlier and not suffer through the spring time change. I'll keep trying to get those handstands and the anatomy studying, but those will be secondary goals this month.