News on the gym front

Recently, Gen and I have been going to the campus gym, which I find... well, let's just say less than stellar. It's not actually bad or crappy or anything. It's pretty nice, but it just doesn't suit the needs of someone who's a little more serious about fitness and strength conditioning. I can easily clear the entire weight stack on the cable machine, and the dumbbells top out at 50lbs. Granted I usually don't train with the weights, but sometimes I like doing Turkish get ups; if I can already do the 50lb weights, I can foresee those weights becoming too light down the road.

Anyhow, I've managed to find one acceptable bodyweight exercise (actually progression of exercises) I can do in the gym. I start on the pull up bar, invert and hold a back lever, drop into skin the cat, roll back up and hold a front lever (or at least the 1-leg lever), drop into a dead hang, do a clapping pull up, readjust my hands into a false grip and do a muscle up. I tried adding a 180 degree release and turn, but I can't seem to grip the wide cross bar on the cable machine when I'm attempting that skill. I'm digging this dynamic strength series that I made up. Gen suggested I try it on the rings, but I fear that. Not only are my rings not rated for swings/catch-release moves, but I'm don't actually know if I'm strong enough (or even coordinated enough) to release and catch my rings.