October gains

Despite working really long hours and not getting nearly enough training and workout time in, I've managed to make strength gains this past month. I went to the gym and banged out 10 clapping pull ups with ease. I was shocked that they were that easy, so I strapped on the dip belt with a 45lb plate. I did 3 sets of 5 weighted pull ups and dips. That's definitely stronger than I've been in the past. I used to only be able to do just 1 set of 5 (followed by another weak set of 4).

My handstands are getting better. I still can't do them away from the wall, but I'm getting less reliant on the wall. I tried handstand pushups on my parallelettes though. That was big ego deflater. Just when I was getting stoked over my improvements, I found out that I can't do full range of motion handstand pushups on the parallelettes. Those bad boys are tough. I guess I'm going to have to up my shoulder strength.

I went on a trip to NY last month and also had my parents visit me, so my October logs are a little incomplete for a few days. I had to guess some things when I was logging my food and workouts a few days after the fact. Oh well. My November log is now started, so I'm still keeping up my daily log. Only two more months until I've done a full year of logging.