Raising the bar

With my abundance of free time, what do I do on the weekends? Why, I build myself a pull-up bar so I can bang out some pull ups at home. I don't always make it to the gym since my boss seems to think it necessary to keep me working until past 8 p.m. Not a great way to get workouts in when the gym closes at 9. Anyhow, here's what less than $20 worth of parts gets you:

That's $7 for the 36"x0.75" steel pipe, $6 for the rug pad to provide scratch protection and prevent sliding on the door frame, and $4 for the climbing tape to provide some grip on the bar. The wood is scrap that I had lying around, so it's free. The rug pad and cloth tape (climbing tape in this case) really added up, but those are actually reusable for other projects. I'm going to use the tape on my rings since I'm starting to find that sweaty hands are making my grip slip and limiting the number of muscle ups I can do. The rug pad has already been used as a makeshift solution for keeping some speaker wire and telephone cord firmly on the carpet and not wrapping around our ankles as we walk in and out of my home office. At any rate, $17 sure beats $40+shipping I'd have to spend on one of those fancy cantilever door pull up bars, which I'd have to put up and take down all the time anyhow.

So, I know you're wondering (or maybe you're not): does it work. Of course it works! I've already done over 50 pull-ups on the bar so far this weekend.