Sort of back into weight training

I've forgone weight lifting for nearly two years now, and amazingly, I've actually gotten significantly stronger. That's not to say I think weight training is crap, but I do think now that I was taking the wrong approach to it before. If only I'd started subscribing to the "train smarter, not just harder" mantra earlier, maybe I'd be a beast by now.

I've started supplementing my bodyweight gymnastics-style strength training with some weight training again. Since clapping pull ups have become easy for me now, and I've been able to do 45lb weighted pull ups and dips, I've decided to make weighted pull ups and dips part of my regular workout.

I had a big ego boost in the gym today. I put on the dip belt and hooked up a 45lb and 25lb plate for some pull ups. I wouldn't say they were easy, but I did bang out a solid 3 reps and 1 wobbly 4th rep. Pull ups with an extra 70lbs isn't too shabby. In total, that's pulling 150% bodyweight. And it's great for my vanity. It looks more impressive doing pull ups with plates strapped to you than doing pull downs on a machine.