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Let’s Get Physical

With the New Year right around the corner, there will be plenty of resolutions to get in shape or to drop a few pounds in 2011.  If history is any indicator, a  lot of that resolve will disappear within weeks and it will be another year of failed resolutions.  To be fair, modern life does not exactly make it easy to meet th

Words from the Muses

Popular music isn’t known for being a bastion of deep philosophical ponderings.  Despite the image of superficiality and tabloid celebrity behavior, there are still examples of wise words from our musical muses.  Here are a few that I like.

“Life’s a journey, not a destination.” – Aerosmith, Amazing

Set Your Feet Free

barefeetI have recently come across a couple of writings advocating a more barebones (or more specifically, barefoot) approach to footwear.  The first is an article expaining how running shoes do nothing to reduce injuries; the second is

Mind the gap

Mind the gap

Mind the gap.

Ends and Means



“They say the means are after all just means. I would say means are after all everything. As the means, so the end.” — M.K. Gandhi

Connection to our food

Cornucopia of veggies

(CC) Creative Commons.

Reflecting on the Essence of Happiness

Happy Buddha, Longhua Temple, Shanghai China (CC).

Happy Buddha, Longhua Temple, Shanghai China (CC).

Mindfulness Inside Out

Thinking the box, inside and out
Illustration compliments of Lem Fugitt of Robot Dreams

Thinking inside the box

We often hear people talking about “thinking outside of the box.”  Usually what is meant by this metaphorical box is the boundaries defined by some line of thought.  By exploring new possibilities different from the previous ways of approaching some

By any other name

Mindfulness practice can at first seem like an esoteric pursuit. In truth, mindfulness involves little mysticism and has direct tie-ins with the real world.